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Versatile software for creating, editing, and sharing professional digital presentations effortlessly

Versatile software for creating, editing, and sharing professional digital presentations effortlessly

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Developer: Microsoft

Version: 2010

Works under: Windows


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The 2010 release of Microsoft PowerPoint came with a number of welcome additions for individuals looking for a feature-intensive software to make eye-catching presentations. In addition to useful features that were not available in previous versions of this program, the simplified layout that made PowerPoint so popular has returned. Here is a closer glimpse of Microsoft's presentation software and how users can take full advantage of this program.

For people who are used to previous releases of PowerPoint, the first transformation that they will notice is the toolbar and interface. Up through PowerPoint 2006, the interface remained the same with layered ribbons but was changed for the 2007 release. This transition was met with quite a bit of resistance, resulting in the change back in 2010 to the stock Office ribbon. This allows for much quicker access to many of the leading features and the ability to change around buttons for complete customization by the user.

The next major change users will notice is the development of Microsoft Skydrive and PowerPoint Broadcast. Microsoft Skydrive has become an integrated online cloud storage system, requiring nothing more than a Microsoft Live account. All users can customize their settings to automatically update and save their PowerPoint presentations, making them accessible from anywhere in the world. In addition to Skydrive, users can share presentations using the Broadcast function.

Featured in the backstage of PowerPoint, Broadcast can be found along with all of the other behind-the-scene options, such as saving or printing a presentation. When the Broadcast button is clicked, the presentation will be transferred to a temporary Web page and the user will be given a short URL. They can then share this URL with anyone who needs to see the presentation.

Another standout feature of PowerPoint 2010 is the ability to integrate a handful of new files directly into a presentation. This capability includes streaming movies or uploading movie clips in various formats, such as DivX and MOV. Sound clips can also be seamlessly incorporated into any presentation in formats such as MP3s and WMVs. As the presentation grows, PowerPoint gives users the option to compress larger files to make file transferring easier.

Overall, Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 is a dramatic step forward for this software with an update to all of the most popular features. Along with the facelift back to the original toolbar, PowerPoint remains one of the leading options for presentation programs.


-Accepts all new file types

-Streamlined toolbar and ribbons

-Connectivity to Microsoft Skydrive

-Sharing files is made simple with PowerPoint Broadcast


-Limited media editing options

-Limited integration with media editing programs

-Hidden features are difficult to find